Suda Donma Ve Çözülme Kabinleri

Suda Donma Ve Çözülme Kabinleri
EC8450 - Freezing and Thawing Chamber, Freezing / Thawing in Water - 250 Liters
EC8460 - Freezing and Thawing Chamber, Freezing / Thawing in Water - 500 Liters
The Freezing and Thawing Test Chambers in Water can perform TS EN 12371 and TS 699 freezing and thawing tests within the temperature and time ranges specified in the standard. Processes are performed in full automatic steps and looping occurs from the combination of steps. The cycle number can be set to 1- 250 or infinite repeat.
When the device reaches the end of the set cycle, it automatically stops all operations. If it is required to stay at a specified temperature at the end of the cycle, this can be done by adding it before the program starts.
In the water dissolving step, the moment of water intake, the time of waiting in water, the moment of water discharge can be defined as parameters, each of which is a different step. The cabin is equipped with a top cover and piston. The water intake tank is independent. In computer-controlled models the water level of the container can be seen on the computer screen of the device. Can connect to the computer. Software is provided with the machine. The inner and outer parts of the device are made of 304 quality stainless steel. On the inside of the cabin there are 2 shelves which can be placed on top of each other. There is an automatic closing door at 45 degrees on the device. There are two temperature probes in the usage area of ​​the device. One of the temperature probes is stationary and the other is mobile.
There are two screens on the control panel that show the temperature for two probes in the boiler. These probes can be viewed on separate screens for each on the computer and control panel. Probes are made of water resistant and stainless steel. The place where the sensor of the mobile probes and the cable are connected is resistant to breakage. The temperature measurement accuracy of the probes and indicators used in the instrument is ± 0.1 ° C. The inside temperature of the cabin can be adjusted between -25 ° C and + 45 ° C. There is air circulation in the device. When the power is restored after power interruption, the device can continue from the place where it was tested. Non-harmful gas is used in the cooling system. The gas and insulation material used in the cooling system does not contain CFC.


EN 1338, 1339, 1340, 1367-6, 12371, 13748-2 | TS EN 12371, TS 699