Kimyasal Güvenlik Kabinleri

Kimyasal Güvenlik Kabinleri
EC8250 - Chemical safety cabinet - 70x60x195 cm
EC8260 - Chemical safety cabinet - 120x60x195 cm
The Сhemical Safety Cabinet is used in laboratories should be stored in a proper and safe manner. Chemical risk can be reduced by minimizing the amount of chemicals used in applications.
When storing harmful chemicals, minimize the risk that each chemical will be combustible, toxic or polluting the environment. Cabinets for the storage of chemical reagents provide an effective solution for working with harmful chemicals in laboratories and workshops. Cabinets for the storage of chemical materials should be designed and manufactured in such a way as to meet these requirements.
• All the ventilation panels of the cabinet.
• The tool is made of galvanized steel and dried in an oven with an epoxy dye 60 microns thick, at a temperature of 200°C for durability.
• The heat insulation is used in the production of the instrument, and this product is manufactured with double inner walls.
• In the cabinets with chemicals on the telescopic rail there are boxes of 4 items.
• Ventilation hole 75 mm for ventilation connection.
• Sealing system.
• Sealing system with telescopic rail system.
• Depending on demand, acrylic glass on the front panel.
• The locked door system is marked in accordance with ISO 3864.


EN 1338, 1339, 1340, 1367-6, 12371, 13748-2 | TS EN 12371, TS 699