Çeker Ocaklar

Çeker Ocaklar
EC8300 - Fume Hoods - Laminar Flows - 120x70x220 cm
EC8320 - Fume Hoods - Laminar Flows - 150x70x220 cm
EC8320 - Fume Hoods - Laminar Flows - 180x70x220 cm
The primary usage area of the fume hoods are protection of health of the user and the people around him by safely removing any poisonous gas that might emerge from sensible and dangerous trials to be done. The use of tractive furnace is fairly important equipment therefore.
Fume hoods may be produced in forms of diverse models as per order. In general, the production is done in 3 different dimensions such as 120*70*220 cm – 150*70*220 cm and 180*70*220 cm (Width*Depth*Height)
Testmak could produce in convenience with dimensions and ambient of your laboratory that is outside of these standard measures as it is in position of producer.
If you wish, a storage cabinet of chemicals could be produced and additionally included into the system in order to protect your chemicals. In respect of production manner, the side blocks, front panel, back panel, gas release panel illumination panel and mobile lower cabinet of the fume hoods are produced in galvanised steel giving a wood appearance to the steel. Subsequently it is oven dried in a temperature of 200 C degree with epoxy dye with a thickness of 60 micron in order that the product could become more durable against every kind of acid and serve for long years.
The glass being used in fume hood is a security glass wit tamper having a thickness of just 6 mm. This glass is put into motion within 2 skidders mounted into side panels and a full security is provided.
In Fume hoods, there are standards equipments such as 1 piece gas valve and nozzle and 1 piece water valve and nozzle. If you wish, these equipments could be increased and also air and vacuum stopcocks could be included into these equipments.
The fans being used in these fume hoods have a plastic trunk and winged fans. The biggest property of such fans is that it is in IP 44 Protection Class and it is also resistant against every kind of acid and inflammable.
As for grounds where the Fume Cupboard would be used are determined as per condition. The industrial ceramics, anti acid, ceramics and compact laminate are some of products being used.
On the other hand the left front panel of fume hoods harbours 2 pieces IP44 electric outlets, 1 piece LCD control panels and 3 pieces protection fuses.


Cabin Sizes

External Dimensions


116*65*80 cm

120*70*220 cm


146*65*80 cm

150*70*220 cm



180*70*220 cm